The dance club “Romantic” was created in year 1989.

Ever since than it hasn’t stopped working, some through the dance school for kids and adults, others through dance sport. Basic elements of different dances, the beauty of dance movement and music has met more than 15 000 interested ones. Culturally and socially the importance of the club is immeasurable. We are proud that we have shown the meaning and beauty of dance movement and everything that it carries, through music to connecting differences, we have brought it closer to the audiences in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are the starters of many projects, from which the most famous one is THE GRADUATION PARADE.

That our motto “Always a step ahead” isn’t just a phrase is shown by the number of our accomplished ideas that initiated the work of other clubs throughout the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina in the direction of dance sport and recreation. That is how many clubs were founded in Travnik, Mostar and Sarajevo. From all that by a logical sequence of events the grand opening of the Romantic Dance Academy has happened which from the year 2012. Independently exists in today’s aristocratic space. The creator of the recognizable, cult dance school, Mladen Brekalo is today’s leader of this organization.

We were the organizers of the first National Championship in latin – american dances, first official competition under the guidance of Dance Union of BiH, first National Championship in ballroom, first National Championship in combination. We are one of the cofounders of Dance Union of BiH. We are the initiators of the salsa and argentine tango scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina and many other projects that added to dance development. 30 year tradition awakens the trust. Knowledge that you gain in the Academy implies expertise of the trainers. The smile that you leave with implies love of everyone for what they do. The wish to come back implies relaxation and smile that we welcome you with.

So come and become a part of the family of the lucky ones. Become part of something that is missing.

Become Romantic… at least for a moment.